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Re: double knitting question
Originally Posted by hilsbells
I have been trying to figure out the double knitting tutorial. While I think I have the basics down, I'm having a hard time figuring how how to do a pattern. is there a special way to twist the yarns if i switch between the main color and the second color? is there a way to hold the yarn to make color changes relatively easy?

Any and all suggestions are welcome and very appreciated.
Welcome to the forum!

I suggest following along with Amy's video while you have needles and yarn in hand. That way you can pause or rewind as needed. That's how I learned to double knit.

As for your specific questions... no, you don't need to twist the yarn. Amy shows how to hold two strands of yarn at once, but if that is difficult for you, there is another method for double knitting which involves working only one side at a time -- here you would work the yarn A stitches while slipping the yarn B stitches and vice versa. It will take longer, but you'd only need to deal with one working strand at a time. I don't know of a tutorial for that method, but I haven't really looked specifically for one. HTH

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