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double knitting
thanks for the quick responses. such a great forum!

ok, so while i think i could get the moss or ribbing idea, my question was more about intarsia i guess. like she has the red heart in the middle of the video. do you switch the colors across? and i'm used to kind of twisting yarn when i change colors in the middle of a row, but with the front and back stuff, i'm wondering if there's some other step. this part wasn't in the video.

i don't know if that's a more confusing question or not.

i basically designed a houndstooth pattern that i'd love to knit into a scarf for my boyfriend, but scarves with all the yarn carried in the back would look messy and the double knitting seemed like it would be the trick. i would only be using black and white, and since the pattern is interchangable, it should look cool from either side - that is if i can figure this puppy out!

thanks again for your comments...
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