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Help with SnB Newsboy cap
Hi all,
I'm working on the SnB Newsboy cap and am now at the point of starting the brim. Well, I've already done it and I think I did it wrong so I'm going to frog and restart that part.
The brim is knit directly onto the the main part. The pattern says to "pu" (pick up) stitches from the cast on edge. No problem. But...every other row says to pick up two additional stitches after knitting or purling that row. The problem I'm running into is this: If I pick up the stitches at the end of the row that I've just knitted, do I then knit them? If I don't knit them, the working yarn is two stitches to the right and it seems weird.
Here's a part of the pattern that calls for picking up stitches.
"Next row: P to end, pu 2 sts from hat CO edge"
Here's a pic of what it's supposed to look like.
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