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Re: double knitting
Originally Posted by hilsbells
thanks for the quick responses. such a great forum!

ok, so while i think i could get the moss or ribbing idea, my question was more about intarsia i guess. like she has the red heart in the middle of the video. do you switch the colors across? and i'm used to kind of twisting yarn when i change colors in the middle of a row, but with the front and back stuff, i'm wondering if there's some other step. this part wasn't in the video.

i don't know if that's a more confusing question or not.

i basically designed a houndstooth pattern that i'd love to knit into a scarf for my boyfriend, but scarves with all the yarn carried in the back would look messy and the double knitting seemed like it would be the trick. i would only be using black and white, and since the pattern is interchangable, it should look cool from either side - that is if i can figure this puppy out!

thanks again for your comments...
Hm. I've yet to explore intarsia so I can't comment on similarities, but I think for double knitting (unless I do it incorrectly, which is possible), all you need to do to change colors is to use the other strand. E.g., if you have stockinette on both sides, you'll be alternating knitting (front side) and purling (back side). So let's say you've got blue in the front and green in the back, and now want to switch. Just start using the green strand on your knits, and the blue on your purls. Make sense?

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