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Scribble scarf edges?
I am now making my third Scribble-style scarf(very bulky & very thin yarns. Although it took lotsa practice, I think I have finally succeeded in managing the fine yarns on the large needles. but I am still having major cosmetic problems with the garment edge where I have carried along the thicker yarn.

The first two patterns called for changing from thick to thin yarn every 3rd row and loosely carrying along the yarn. I did that, but my edges where I carried along yarn do not all look alike, and to me they look raggedy and distracting. Neither pattern shows a close-up of the edges, so I have no idea how these should be.

The Loopy & Delicious pattern states to slide the work to other end of (circular) needle at the yarn change. Again, I know how to do that, but have no idea how it is supposed to look on the edges.

What is the correct way to "carry along" yarn up an edge?

Esthetically challenged,


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