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carry the yarn?
i feel like this is a stupid question, but i'm not sure if the phrase is literal:

i'm not sure what is meant by "carry" the yarn. i'm doing a mitten that changes color every 2 rounds (1st rnd knit, 2nd rnd k1p1). i did the first mitten knowing it wouldn't turn out too great...and i was right. the join where the colors change was really sloppy. i really liked the seamless appearance of the dbl knit-in, but i just about pulled my hair out trying to figure a way to use it in my project. i eventually got it to work, but it left my yarn a gigantic mess.

anyway...when you carry the yarn do you literally hang on to it while you continue to use the other colors? i tried just picking up the new color when i needed it but the joins betweens the dpns looked horrible - ladders and gaps galore.

i think the problem is that i'm not joining the last stitch of color A to the first of color B. does that make sense? so there's a gap every time i switch colors, which is every 2 rounds.

you guys are the best - i really appreciate your help!
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