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I want a sock book
I'm well into my second-ever sock and enjoying myself thoroughly. I've been daydreaming about my new beautiful sock wardrobe in many colors and patterns. I think I would like to buy a nice sock book that will help me realize my dream. Which would you recommend? I looked over at Amazon and it seems that Sensational Knitted Socks would be a good one. I'd like to learn how to do some different heels and toes, (my current socks OTN are the Silver's Sock Class ones) so a book that has some lessons in it would be good. I have a $25 gift card from Borders, so help me spend it.

Ariann Cardigan in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece - 11 inches and two buttonholes done!
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Montego Bay Scarf from Summer 07 IK Knits in Sea Silk - an indulgent knit
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