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When Should I Block Pieces?
When should I block my purse: as pieces before it's seamed? once it's all together and then fill it with newspaper while it dries so it has a shape? both--so it's double blocked? and what if my pieces are at a sort of perfect size right now--i don't want them to grow during blocking so how should i block?

And while I'm here, I think this back will need a lining. When should I do that? Should i sew a lining to each piece before it's put together, should I put the lining in as one piece after the bag is all put together? Oh you know what--I've never lined anything. Hah. Anyone got a good tutorial for someone who is inept with sewing needles and scissors?

ETA--nevermind about the lining, just the links on the thread a few questions down!
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