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curiously, one pattern (k1, YO, K2tog) has 2 uses!

in the middle of a peice of work, it will make a pattern of eyelets, (border (top and bottom) these eyelets with rows of garter stitche (purls on right side of work) and you get a third pattern, commonly called "beading")

but i digress.

one pattern has 2 uses.

in the middle of the work, (in a feild of knit stitche or really any stitch) its makes a set of holes--great for pulling a drawsting through.

at the end/edge (actually about 4 to 5 rows from edge, it makes a natural fold line.. and when you fold along the fold line, you get a picot (zig/zag, little pointed edge)

so first you work the pattern (there are detail for centering it, (the k1's at beginning and end) and then work the pattern for drawsting eyelets.

a few rows latter, you repeat the same pattern, followed by a 5 rows of stocking knit stitch.

(the part that doesn't make sense is putting all the stitches onto the gail (unless its just a holder till latter when you finish)

this sweater has a picot edge at the bottom hem.
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