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We were hit by a hurricane Thursday night! This baby here:,...308237,00.html

It might not be even close to the kinds of hurricanes that hit the southeastern coast of the states, but it's scary enough for me!

The harbor is flooded and whole parts of town are under water. And I live RIGHT next to the in walk out the back door, small yard, small road, levee, water. Kind of scary sometimes.

Thursday night I laid in bed awake most of the night, listening to the wind howling and things being tossed around. At first light on Friday morning I went outside and checked to see if our roof was intact and if the cat-fence was still attached. (We have our yard fenced in so the cats can go outside but can't leave the yard.) All is well!

It's freakily warm here and my tulips are coming January!

Still trying to convince Henry the cat that knitting is a spectator sport!
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