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How to choose yarn?
As I mentioned in a previous post, I am not close to any knitting shops. I wonder how you choose the yarn you guys order online. Let me make that a little clearer. I want something different from just plain worsted weight yarn. But I would find it hard to order something if I couldnt "feel" it. Since I am not very knowledgable on all this yet, could you guys give me a few pointers??

BTW...I have taken the plunge to start my first sock on my first pair of DPNs.
I have researched ALOT on this site, and am going by Silver's sock class. I absolutely love it!! My previous work only includes a couple of garter st scarves, and a stockinette st baby blanket. I am venturing out from beginner. I owe it all to this site. Your posts have given me inspiration.

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