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Colors for Baby Clothes
My brother in law and his wife have just announced that they are expecting their first baby!

Now, on to the important part...what to knit for the baby?

My other sister in law (married to hubby's OTHER brother) also knits, but knits basically I am thinking she will want to make a baby blanket. Since she is entirely competitive, I don't want to make a blanket (because she will always compare the two, since she lives in the same state, she will know which blanket is used more often and will always bring it up).

I am thinking baby sweater(s) and MAYBE booties. But in what colors? They aren't planning on finding out the it needs to be good for boy or girl. I HATE the usual pastel baby colored yarn...pastel greens and yellows and purples don't work. I don't think the parents would be fond either. The daddy wears a lot of browns, oranges and greens. Mommy wears a lot of purple, black and red.

What colors? I wanted to make a black sweater, but hubby thinks that is too punk.

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