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Re: peaches and cream?
Originally Posted by cara
Hi all,

I'm just wondering what this 'peaches and cream' is all about I've never seen it in Canada, but saw a pic of it in a post by HamaLee. I don't think you can get it in Canada.

Is it a cotton for dish cloths and the like? We only have (I have only seen in my small town) Bernat Handicrafter cotton. is this the same thing?

I'm feeling a little dense this morning... HELP!

It is indeed a cotton worsted weight. It looks and feels a lot like Lily Sugar'n'Cream if you have that. I've used it before for dishclothes and the like, I've also included it in a stash-buster shawl. I may attempt some kind of summer shirt with it or baby thingy--but I don't think it'll be comfy or pretty.

But it was $5 or $6 for an entire pound--el cheapo tester yarn!
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