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Re: Need help with a slip stitch diamond pattern!
Originally Posted by kaysvideo
Hey! I'm having problems understanding these directions...can anyone help??? It is for a "Slip Stitch Diamond". I have 130 stitches casted on. It says:
Slip stitch diamond
(Mon Tricot Knitting Dictionary):

Row 1: * C2R, k12 *, C2R.
Row 2 and alt rows: P.
Row 3: K1, *C2L, k10, C2R. *, k1.
Row 5: *K2, C2L, k8, C2R *, k2.

Cont in this way working 2 sts less between crossed sts until the lines cross each other as first row.

I've done 6 rows and it looks Vs but I don't understand the last part about working 2 sts less between crossed sts. Any ideas????
Notice in row 1, between the C2R's there is k12. On row 3 there is K10. On row 5 there is K8. So instead of them writing all the directions out, I guess, they're just telling you to keep decreasing the number of knits between the crossed stitches. So on row 7 there would be a K6, row 9 would be K4, row 11 would be K2, etc.

Does that help?
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