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The "Year of the Stash"...
Yes, I am declaring 2007 as the Year of the Stash!

For those of us who need to participate, here is the behavior:

Every other knitting project will be from "Stash Yarn", that is to say, yarn that was purchased or acquired during previous years! Extra Credit earned if you rip out a previously knitted project (that you hate), and re-knit the yarn into something else!

You are then allowed a Reward Project: you may purchase new yarn for your next project, but only enough yarn for that project! In other words, The Stash shall not shall diminish.

Let's just see how rewarding this will make us feel! We will reduce The Stash, and we will be able to purchase new yarn with no guilt whatsoever!!

For starters, I myself have an 'extra credit' project underway. I ripped out a Noro Silk Garden vest that is/was horridly humongous. Sad. I am now letting the two huge balls of yarn "unkink". In the meantime, I am knitting a baby blanket with Lion MicroSpun...buttercup...that I purchased 4 years ago...before I knew better. BUT, it is 3/4 complete...double-stranded on size 10.5 needles, a basketweave. Ohhhh, it feels so good to get rid of this yarn. And the blanket (beautiful) will be greatly appreciated...a 38 yr old friend having her 2nd child...and her first child is 18! Anyone know how that feels??

My Reward Project will be a red merino wool pullover...pattern: from the newest Elsebeth Lavold book! Hum.

The next Stash Project will be something with that Noro Silk Garden that is 'un-kinking'. The pattern to be determined...

Who wants to join me in this auspicous Year of the Stash??

(Later note: We have gathered 38 STASHIES, as we are called! Hope you too will join us... and let yourself be motivated to USE the all beautiful yarns stashed in the baskets, bags, cupboards, boxes and shelves of your home! Did I miss any hiding places!!?? )
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