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After all that bragging.. look what I did (DOH!)
Ok, so I thought all was going well.. I had my tally marks all set up and have been deligently working all weel little by little, and today Ive been kiddo free and have made MAJOR progress on my sweater... so I thought!

This is the part Im working on..
DEC 1 st before each marker on next row and every 8 (8, 8, 8, 9) rows 6 times to 102 (108, 114, 120, 126) sts

Well I have been decreasing every 8 rows not every 9.... so I still have 2 more decreasing rows to do AFTER I knit the other 16..And Im already down to 106 stitches..

Does this mean I have to start over?!?! BTW, I was trying to make a size XL. Which is the last numer in the ()
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