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Sock help heel problems with magic loop
Hi :wave:

I'm a fairly new knitter and I really want to knit my own socks. I finished a pair (knitting both socks st the same time on magic loop VERY brave for me!).

I know I'm going to have to do a bit of trial and error to get the exact fit I want but my real problem is the heels. One side on each sock has holes. I don't know what I did (but at least I was consistent). I'll admit I didn't really GET the "wrapping" part of the pattern when turning the heel.

When I read patterns for DPN it seems more straight-forward but I don't know how to convert that pattern to work with magic loop. I admit that DPN intimidate me which is why I tried the magic loop.

Any advice? Can I get a nice heel with magic loop? Does anyone have a formula to convert DPN pattern to magic loop?
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