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I have a bond and they're a good little starting machine....
Anyways I think there is a book that comes with the machine that has some basic patterns. I have found a few older Bond books at Hobby Lobby...more like pamphlets really though. And you could go to your library to see if they have any book on Machine Knitting. They'll give you alot of basics on Machine knitting in general and they usually have patterns in the book to.
I've even done patterns from regular knitting books on it.
You can't do punch card knitting with this machine, Singer and Passt are names of other brands of knitting machines.
I was actually looking at knitting machines yesterday at a new store in my area and got interested in one that used fingering weight or sock yarn for it and she called that a standard guage machine.
Took me awhile to learn the machine...I found I love hand knitting a bit more. But it's still fun to sit down and crank something out on the machine every once in awhile.
Hope you enjoy your machine...If I can help with anything let me know.

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