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Working the Gusset
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I saw it, I saw the Mysterious extra stitch form right before my eyes . I saw it twice!! See, if you slow down and really concentrate and watch each stitch you'll see it too!

I used someone's advice to use makers and it has helped so much ! Thank you whoever you were.

My finger tips hurt too! is that normal? I don't think that I have purled yet? I think I'm doing a Garter stitch? it's the first thing that I learned and I have been using it to practice getting the rhythm if that makes any sense... and trying to avoid the Mysterious extra stitches . Doing less froggin but I know that can change at any givin moment! My goal is to one day make this 'Seattle Bound Vest' I saw it in this Basic Knitting book I just got , and I love the look and color. Maybe after a couple 100 scarfs ,I'll be ready for something like that.!

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