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The punch cards won't work on the bond unfortunatly.
I had a punch card reader on my singer machine, The bond I guess was considered an economical machine.

I honestly love my bond- its quick to set up, if something goes a little funky theres only a few things that it could be and it loves worsted weight yarn.

My standard was a pain, it was so heavy, it had this huge metal box with latches, you can't extend them, and there was no way make it smaller to put it out of the way. I used to have what they called a ribbing attachment, so you could do ribbing on it. Pretty much it was 2 machines facing each other on a slight angle. Bond also had one too but it never went over well.
I personally, do the big boring stuff on the bond and handknit my ribbings and embelishments while watching tv.
With my standard machine I had to devote a 6' x 4' table to it, and it took up alot of space (at the time I didn't have a craft room or anything).
So when a friend introduced me to the bond I was in love.
I also didn't like the standard as it is fussy on yarn. It likes thoes giant cones, and in my area they were so costly. and you couldn't mail order because they weighted so much.
They also have about 7 tension guages, and if any of these are off the knitting looks horrible, it took me forever to get the tension right (even if I follow the book) and you had to redo it everytime you did a new yarn.
With the bond you pull one of those little keyplates out and slap a new one
I like being able to slap my little machine on a card table grab a ball of encore and knit away.
Like anything it can take a little dodgy, esp when learning.
Big rule of thumb, if the latch is closed there better be yarn in it, or you'll loose the stitch. If there is yarn in the latch it doesn't matter if the latch is open or closed.
Best of luck, just holler if something goes strange.

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