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I have a couple more questions about the bag. Actually, about the handles. #1 It says use size 11 needles, I have 10 and 13, could I substitute or do I need to wait until I get size 11? #2 The pattern says Row 1: k4, yf, slip 3, turn.
Row 2: Taking yarn across back of work, pull firmly then k4, yf, slip 3, turn. Repeat.

My question is when I yf and then slip 3 and then turn, when I go to knit the next 4, the leading yarn is not the front piece of the stitch. Is this right? If so, do I knit the leading piece of yarn which is behind the needle or do I knit the yarn that is on the front of the needle?

Wow, lots of questions. I will appreciate anyones help, Thanks in advance.
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