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Knitting the Flap
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Oh Christy I hope you feel better.

There is no way to get a punch card to work, they never made a reader for it, and honestly when I had one for my singer machine, it was a pain.
When getting patterns just make sure you look at the instructions, if it gives guage in KP, or keyplate. Its for the bond. If it says tension and a set of numbers, its for the standard machines.

You will have fun, once it gets worn in a bit it works even better, as all the little "burrs, or slight imperfections wear away. Its like a good pair of shoes. I had the original blue bond and It was wonder ful, but after almost 25 years of working the main frame started to crack and wear. I got a new one with the grey frame, and it took a few projects for it to really feel right. I have also seen a scaled down verison at wal mart with a red frame, and very colourful key plates it looks like it might be for kids.

I taught my daughter on mine when she was about 8 and shes 11 now and can knit sweaters. Once you get going and understand the terminology, I'll forward you the cutest earflap hat, that can work for babies to adults by adjusting the type of yarn, I make tons for donations as you can knit one in about an hour. It takes longer to sew the seem and put ties on then it does to make it.

Best of luck, message anytime.
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