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This Forum
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this form. As a long time crocheter, when I picked knitting back up last year I must have gone to 9 or 10 different boards looking for tips, hints, and just some support as this is not a skill I learned from my grandmother, so I was pretty much out there on my own.

Most of the boards I went to were either nearly dead or breathing their last gasp... or if you posted it was hard to get a response or the board itself was hard to negotiate and difficult to find things in. One board I visited I went for a couple of months before realizing all their technique and how to stuff was way down on the bottom of the board.. the top was filled with chatter

This forum tho, has become my "online knitting home" as far as techniques, how to and just downright FRIENDLY people. Thanks for being there for so much.. I haven't posted alot but I have read ALOT and really enjoy the giggles as well as the serious posts and the feeling of community here. I've ordered Amy's videos as well and they are just superb.. I keep the CD in my laptop all the time for reference lol

Anyway... from a "newb".. thanks for such a great board and such a great group of folks. I look forward to sharing more of my completed projects as they come along and really am excited about getting to know more of you better as fellow yarn addicts
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