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Yup, double for me! Reading and/or participating in a Forum is time-consuming...and it consumes time you could be KNITTING...lest we forget our I am very careful how I spend that time away from the needles! I am sure you all feel the same way! I have backed away from two other knitting forums. Not because I was offended by them, or that I didn't get some good info/help...but I have to choose ONE and stick with IT! This is the BEST FORUM!

This Forum has AMY FINLAY written all over it! Did anyone ever get the opportunity to meet Amy back when her Knitting Help website was kinda brand new? She used to have an 100 THINGS ABOUT ME...she shared 100 things about herself...and IT WAS GREAT! FUNNY! INTERESTING! I just fell in love with her as a Sister Knitter! I am not surprised then that this Forum has followed the same QUALITY path as she has taken in her life!

Kudos to Amy Finlay!
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