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Using a Stitch Holder

I am a beginner knitter and I am making my one year old daughter a pair of knitted pants (longies) to wear over her cloth nappies this coming winter. It's a very basic pattern knitted flat and I have knitted the 1st leg and I am about to start the 2nd leg but I have managed to get completely stumped at the part where it says to:
Leave stitches on a stitch holder.
I have put the stitches from the 1st leg onto the stitch holder and now I have no idea what to do with the wool. Do I break it off? Do I leave it joined to the 1st leg and somehow cast on with the same wool to do the 2nd leg? Also when it comes to:
slip stitches from the stitches holder onto left hand needle
Which way up do I put it back on? With the wool tail at the top?

Sorry I am probably making this more confusing than it needs to be because I have been staring at it all afternoon. Thanks to anyone who can help me.
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