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Mini Cable Stitch
I am a fairly new knitter, and have found a pattern on the lion brand site for a mini cable...
I have tried and tried and tried..until I am screaming..I just cannot get it.
It says the pattern for a single repeat is five stitches.(four for pattern and 1 extra).and there are four rows to do a pattern...
NOw you wouldn't do just one cable but I finally ended up doing that because I was casting on so many times it was making me nuts..
It goes like this
Row 1 *P1, k3; rep from *, end p1.
Row 2 and 4 *K1, p3; rep from *, end k1
Row 3 *P1, skip 2 sts, k third sst on LH needle, k first st, ksecond st, then sl these 3 sts off LH needle; rep from *, end p1.
You rep these four rows for the pattern..
It is of course row 3 that is driving me up the wall, I k the third st, but when I try to do the first and second st, I have such a twisted mess..I have tried so many times I had to throw the yarn away and start fresh...can someone help me..?
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