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No one told me about yarn knots!
Okay so I've been browsing around for some time now. I guess I kinda figured this would be a normal problem butI hadn't read this anywhere. I'm working on my first sweater vest and as such had to buy more than one or two balls of yarn to complete it. Joanns was having a super clearance on some bulky yarn, called Life I think. It looked nice, felt nice and I figured .75 a ball was worth it for a first time "real" project so I stocked up, 10 balls, didn't care about dye lot though since the whole project was a bit experiemental. Anyhoo, I'm knitting knitting knitting and I come to a knot! Not like a tangle but the yarn is two stranded and one of the strands was knotted together and then twisted with the other non knotted strand. It's like they ran out of length and then just tied a knot to get more length. I dunno that seemed really peculiar. Later on I ran into a couple other bigger knots where the whole peice of yarn was tied together. I had no idea that would happen, I figured like quality control or something would prevent a single skein from not being a single continuous string of yarn, apparently not in this brand. Is this common? I've only knit 6 balls and found knots in three of them. Regardless except for one spot the knots all ended up on the wrong side of the work so I didn't really care, but what do you do, break the yarn and make a regular join as if you were starting a new ball? So peculiar.
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