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Please Help Converting Round Pattern to Flat!
CO 160 sts
Row 1: P2, K2 across row
Row 2, 3, 4: P2, K2, M1 across row
Row 5, 6, 7: P2, K3, M1 across row
Row 8, 9, 10: P2, K4, M1 across row
Row 11, 12, 13: P2, K5, M1 across row
Row 14, 15, 16: P2, K6, M1 across row
Row 17, 18, 19: P2, K7, M1 across row
Row 20: P2, K8, M1 across row
Row 21: P2, K9 across row

Would I just reverse the Knits and Purls on the even (WS) rows? I just tried knitting it flat following the directions for in the round, but it just came out looking like a big mess. Don't want to do anything else until I get some advice.

Also, it says to M1 Knitwise. Is that any different from picking up the strand below and K into the back loop?

Thanks for any help.

BTW, the pattern is for a skirt flounce.
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