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Originally Posted by KathyinCali

I just purchased this one and for me, it's the perfect everyday knitting bag. I have one scarf, socks, 3 patterns, 1 afghan block and assorted needles and supplies. I bring it to work with me every day and I love it!

So many nice bags out there...How to choose? Problem of abundance
I Haven't found the perfect one yet.. I need one to hold a lot but still looks nice.. but I don't want it to big... I asked dh for one of these for my b-day and got "blah" he didn't like them.. . I can't decide between the keylime and mandarin but I have till April to decide...

I'm glad to hear it holds the above... I think I will really like it.. can you keep your keys and wallet in it too or do you have a separate handbag??

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