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Originally Posted by Arielluria
Originally Posted by becjo
I got mine at Hobby Lobby - not even sure of the name brand, but it did say knitting bag on it - it is AWESOME! It has a zippered front where I can hold scissors and all my little tools, tape measure - everything - Then it has little side pockets that can hold all kinds of little goodies and needles - plus it has an open pocket on the front that's perfect to hold patterns, and then the inside is roomy, has a space to place 2 pairs of straight needles and came with a yarn holder that you could use - I choose not to - but its fantastic! And with the 40% off coupon that Hobby Lobby has all the time - I think I got it for under $20.00 - It's tan and looks a lot like a computer bag or purse - I LOVE IT!
That sounds great. I go there all he time, is there a label on the bag or can you include a picture???

You would have to look to be sure but I think that HL has their knitting bags on sale for 50% off this week. Check their website. I know for sure they have the coupon for 40% but it was either this week or last that they have the bags on sale.
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