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Increasing in Moss Stitch
Help me, please!

I would like to increase during a moss stitch pattern (for shaping). What's the best way?

Pattern: (even no. of stitches)
Row 1: *K1, P1* repeat to end
Row 2: *K1, P1* repeat to end
Row 3: *P1, K1* repeat to end
Row 4: *P1, K1* repeat to end
Repeat the four rows

It looks like a chequer-board with 1x2 "rectangles". I have tried to inc1 every few stitches in the even-numbered rows by "Knit in bar between stitches" which makes holes, and by "Knit in front and back of stitch" which spoils the pattern. What do you suggest, o wise knitting forum?
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