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keeping similar tension from sock to sock
If someone's addressed this before, I'm sorry. I tried to do a quick search, but couldn't find it.

Here's my dilemma...I am working on my first "pair" of socks. I use the term loosely because technically I'm on my third sock. The first sock I made I stitched in my usual manner, which was very loose (so it came out around teh size of a christmas stocking). Needless to say, I frogged the whole thing. The second sock I increased my tension, and it came out better. A lot tighter overall, but the top of the sock is slightly loose on my leg (will stand up on it's own, but slouches ever so slightly) Now I'm restarting my first sock, (or the third attempt as I see it) and the tension must be tighter on this one, because I'm only about 15 rows into it, but it's already slightly smaller on the top than the second sock I knit (top down socks).

I don't want to frog my second sock as well, so I think I'll try to loosen up slightly on this final sock (cause I'm not knitting the darn things again! I'm so sick of that particular yarn and I want to wear them!)

Any tips on maintaining the same tension from sock to sock?

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