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Originally Posted by Ingrid
Do you think that trying on the first sock stretched out the top?
Not too much. I think that it's just I'm more conscious about keepng my knitting tight. I'm normally a loose knitter, but in reading different patterns and making that first sock, I realized that it's supposed to be more snug, and you'd need to keep more tension on the yarn. I actually started getting tighter and tighter as I worked the completed sock. The foot is tighter and better fitting than the top, and I think it was the same number of stitches throughout.

The difference in sizes is kind of comical. Here's an approximation of the difference in wi\dths of the socks at the top.

{--------------------} first sock
{--------------} second sock
{------------} Third sock

If I keep this up, I'll never have a matching set.

Now I know that somewhere I saw something about knitting two socks at once...I want to say it was on knitty. Has anyone done that, and can you point me in to those directions?

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