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Confused about RS vs WS
I have totally overthought this and now I'm totally confused. OK, so my pattern says to cast on 50 stitches. Mark 1st row as RS. Work to a certain length in garter stitch, ending with a WS row. Then work in stockinette stitch to a certain length, ending with a WS row. Then bind off. I know how to tell which side is RS in stockinette. But I'm confused. Supposedly when you do the long-tail cast-on that's your first row. So is that RS in garter? And if the pattern says "end with a WS row" what does that mean? As I'm knitting that last row that's supposed to be a WS row, is the RS or WS facing me? I'm so totally confused. Does this make any sense? Can you help this newbie? Please!!!
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