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I've done a couple of pairs toe-up and it looks reasonable to me, perhaps a bit odd but that could be because of the colour pattern in the wool. Most importantly, it looks like it works fine as a toe and isn't about to disintegrate. It's up to you. If you are slightly anal and won't be happy wearing a sock that you know didn't quite follow the pattern you meant to use, then rip it out before you waste any more work. If you don't care just as long as it makes a good toe, then leave it in. I'd leave it in myself.

Again, if it would bother you to have two toes that were made slightly differently, do the second to match. I would prefer to try to follow the pattern to get better at doing socks correctly from a pattern and understanding how they're normally done. Do whatever you prefer - but don't think that you should rip just because you did the pattern differently: if they are the right shape and don't have holes, nothing wrong with keeping them.
(However if the mistake has given you a different stitch count it's a good idea to increase or decrease to get back to the number the pattern describes at this point.)
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