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100% MERINO WOOL pulled the wool over on me!
I purchased 41 skeins of 100% dk Merino Wool, in three different colors, from KnitPicks late last year.

I will use it, but, I am sadly disappointed that it is not as soft as I expected. It is obvious that Merino is not Merino is not Merino. The name "Merino" is not a guarantee for the level of softness which is what Merino is supposed to be 'all about'. Right? Like cashmere is all about softness!

My question: What should I look for to get the BEST QUALITY 100% Merino Wool?? Is there a STANDARD, besides the label "100%"?

At my LYS the other day, I "felt-up and squeezed" a skein of Merino yarn that was utterly DIVINE! So, that was a clue to the puzzlement I am feeling about the Knit Picks purchase!

Can anyone help me, or steer me towards a divinely luscious 100% Merino Wool????

Forever in your debt!!!
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