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Thanks all ^^

Funny thing is, I only smoked for 4 years.

I grew up in Mexico, where most of my classmates smoked. My high school chemistry teacher would actually let us smoke in his classroom during his exams (hard as hell, three hour long torture sessions). Did 6 years of theatre with a group of chainsmokers.

Graduated college, moved to Colorado to take of my grandmother and the stress of a new country, racism, unemployment and overall loneliness was so overwhelming that I started smoking.
Four years later, I would down 1/2 to a full pack each day and during allnighter study sessions at Perkins, I would go through two full packs (or more). People who hung out with me would be shocked if I ever showed up w/o my customary ciggie.
Then one day, I walked out of class, lit my noon smoke, took a couple of drags and when I tried to breathe, I realized that I couldn't. Took me a few attempts to get an actual breath (more like gasp) of air in.
So I threw away the cigarette, tossed the pack in the trash and said "That's it".

That was almost a year ago.
Knitting and crocheting has taken over the release of stress for me.
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