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Originally Posted by annomalley
I have a 30G Creative Zen Vision M, which is like an iPod, except that you can rip songs from your CD's and they will play on this player. I am not limited to one music service to get music. Like the others mentioned, you can only get DVD's/music at iTunes or download a converter to convert your DVD's.
Um, I have over 23.5 gigs (Or 6568 songs) of music on my 30 Gig Video iPod.

I purchased MAYBE 100 of those songs on iTunes, the rest are from CDs and um. Yes. Other places.

So iPods don't limit you for music--only DVDs.

Anyway. I've never used the photo/video capabilities on my iPod. I don't like the tiny screen. I've been thinking about downloading games for it, though.

I looooove my iPod (it's my second), I couldn't live without it.

Am famoos!

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