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Amy and I have 30GB video iPods and we love them. We both watch videos while doing cardio and they make the workout fly by. Amy buys shows from iTunes. I have taken to renting shows from netflix and converting them to iPod format. The software is called Cucusoft iPod Video Converter Suite and isn't terribly expensive. Although, it does takes a while to convert a DVD though since it's such a large and data intensive process.

There are also a lot of good free video (and audio) podcasts you can subscribe to. We have a Belkin converter in the car which will transmit the iPod audio through the car speakers (in addition to charge it). So now we never complain that there's nothing good on the radio. Our favorite podcasts are nerdy science shows. We're a couple of geeks.

iPod CPR Tip: I dropped my iPod pretty much on the first day I got it. I was running on the treadmill and snagged the cable with my arm and it came crashing down; I nearly stepped on it! It wasn't happy! It locked up and wouldn't respond to anything, although the screen was still glowing (good sign!). I was pretty sure I killed it! So, I search google for "dropped iPod" and found a post on some forum or blog with instructions on how to reset a dropped frozen iPod. You press and hold the center button and then while still holding it down you press and hold the menu button. After about 5 - 10 seconds it should reset and voila your iPod is ressurrected. Hopefully this tidbit helps someone who's as clumbsy with their iPod as me!

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