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Oddball Blanket #1 is Complete!
I have an idea for a charity project, and would like to see if anyone is interested in participating.

I am interested in making an "oddball blanket", where we each knit a few rows, then mail it to the next person, and it continues around the list. Then, when it's finished, we can give it to charity.

We would cast on about 300 stitches to start, then knit every row until it's a big rectangle. We could use any washable worsted weight yarn we have in our stash. The only thing we would be paying for is the postage to mail it to the next person.

It could be mailed to me at the end, and I would weave in all the ends and add a border. I would present it to charity, along with photos and stories of all of us that were involved in making it.

What do you think?

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