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I'm glad you are all interested. I think a dedicated needle is the way to go. I can start the blanket with an inexpensive circular needle that is easy to use and light for mailing. We can use any stitch we want, and knit as little as 2 rows, or as many as 20 rows, depending on how much yarn and time we have available.

When it comes back to me, I'll add rows the same color as the beginning to give it a sense of closure, then I'll put a simple border all around.

Postage shouldn't be too bad, and I think we would be willing to help each other out in that category if it's necessary. Just let me know if you're on a tight budget, and I'll put your name at the top of the list so your postage will be the lowest of the group.

Newamy, I think we could stick with washable yarn for this blanket. Then we can make a natural fiber blanket after we finish this one, for another charity project. I'm all for making LOTS of charity blankets.

We could go ahead and get started on this one now, and then decide which charity it will go to. We'll have PLENTY of time to make our decision.

Do any of you disagree with this plan?

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