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Originally Posted by Tonid1980
Originally Posted by Lisa Kay
I like quilt #2 the best.

Originally Posted by Hildegard_von_Knittin
but I don't like the busy-ness of the border.
You could add a solid color border on to the quilt top first as an inner border (maybe yellow, white, or light blue) and then put your current border around as the outside border.

I hope you'll post a picture when you've finished the quilt! I just got a sewing machine for Christmas and I want to start some similar projects. Somehow I need to find a balance between the knitting I want to do and the sewing I'd like to try (and the scrapbooking that's waiting for me to return...)
Ill deffinitely post a picture when Im done. Im going to have to play around some more with my design, maybe get some more fabrics. I need to make the quilt by March 7th so I may have to just go for it at some point and not worry too much about it. I really love the fabric that is the border fabric... Its so bright and colorful...

I understand what you mean about finding a balance with the various crafts... I pretty much started my obsessions all at once (about 14 months ago).. quilting, cross stitch, knitting and photography... my obsessive compulsive nature lends to me focusing on one at a time for a few months, then switching. If I didnt have this baby shower to go to I probably wouldnt be quilting for a few more months , this is my knitting time hehehe..

EDIT: Here it is reworked without the crazy boarder... it has the muted colors with the dark blue border. Id probably throw the pirate fabric (what I was going to originally user for the backing) in there instead of the muted blue, and use the colorfull border fabric for the backing... That is, if I can find more of that darkblue swirly fabric...
I like the blue as a border! I agree it is hard to do it all! But there are so many things to try. I have to have tunnel vision when I go to AC Moore lol.

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