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Yay!!! This will be FUN!

I started the blanket last night. I cast on 300 stitches with a variegated acrylic/wool blend yarn, similar to Wool-Ease or Plymouth Encore. It's called "Classic Worsted", and is one of the 200 skeins of yarn I received in that huge bag from the yarn lady I met.

I've already knit 6 rows, and it looks pretty good. I'm going to knit some more before I pass it on to Lissalue for her added rows. We will also try to get Lestrella and Bear to add a few rows before we mail it out.

I'm thinking that we can have fun with this thing, adding small token gifts for the next person on the list if we want. (Don't add perishable food items or liquids, because they could soil the blanket.)

I'm also adding a small notebook, so we can each write a little note about ourselves, with a description of the rows we knit. (You can tape small photos inside if you want.) I could give the notebook along with the blanket to the charity we are presenting it to, or if you prefer, I can keep the notebook for our memories. We'll decide as time goes by. Either way, I will post photos of the pages here when the blanket is complete.

You are welcome to use any design you want, just be sure to end with a row of ALL KNIT STITCHES. That way, it will be easy for beginning knitters to knit their rows. I would hate for someone to get confused by yarn-overs, and end up confused and upset.

We need to try to make the afghan stay even from beginning to end. You should start your knitting session by counting the stitches on the needles to make sure there are 300 before you start. If there are more or less than 300, just do an increase or decrease near the center of the blanket to make it right.

I will already have point protectors on the ends of the needles to keep it safe during shipment, so don't forget to put them back on when you're ready to mail it to the next person!

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