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FO - My first knitted items....
I was first introduced to knitting by my future inlaws (my boyfriends mother and grandmother) over xmas (not this past one, but hte one before that), when I expressed an interest. I was gifted the yarn and pattern to make a simple I started knitting this :

I then thought to myself : "Self, I hate this thing.. I would never wear it...I hate the colors and the thickness..." ...

So...I gave it to my cats...

Then, I got some yarn I actually liked, and made myself this scarf :

I loved doing it... loved my new smaller bamboo needles... but wanted to do something a little more than a I made this hat [this is the project where I discovered I knit preddy damn tight]:

I want to make another hat with that yarn, doubled, and with more stitches, so it doesnt look like my brain is gonna pop out of my skull.

Now, since I started knitting, my brother asked me to make hima Jayne hat. So I found a pattern, and knitted it last night in about 6 hours. This is the prototype. Im gonna have to knit a new one, once again, with more stitches to make it look right...I added some, but apparently not enough

Oh yea...this is what the other cat does when I knit... the yarn is a good pillow I guess

P.S. Can anyone tell me the proper tags to make my pictures center aligned??
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