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Circular knitting is a little odd because you don't flip what you are knitting at all. There is a wrong side and a right side in circular knitting, but you are always knitting one side; you don't flip back and forth between the right side and the wrong side. Instead, you stick with the side you start on.

What you should do is just K6, P4 throughout the entire project. The only reason the second row says to K4 is because, when you flip the project, the last stitches you created, which are 4 purled stitches, are the next stitches you will knit.

However, since you don't flip with circular needles, you just start the pattern over again from the beginning. Therefore, just K6, P4 until the pattern tells you to stop.

Once you've gotten through a few rows you will be able to see the pattern and it will be pretty clear.

Good luck! I hope I haven't confused you more.
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