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Originally Posted by REVS
Wow this forum really works, 6 great answers over night!
Thank you everyone!

That's what I suspected, but it would have been so cool to pick those up at a store today...!
I'll definitely go with the Options interchangeables, but I'm thinking of starting with ordering a longer cable than what's in the set and only one pair of needles and if I like that, then get the whole set. I'm quite sure I will like them.

Again thanks everyone for your input - I'll order this right now.
REVS, I guess I did it backwards. I ordered the starter set first and have been adding to it since. I just ordered two of the longer cables. I want to learn to make socks learning magic loop. Perhaps Silver will have that tutorial ready soon so I can try it out!

I'm sure you'll love what you do order.
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