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Originally Posted by Jan in CA
Holy cats!! If you have more than you want I'd be glad to take some off your hands. I don't like fuzzy or too thin yarns though.
I'm with you, Jan. I feel like there is not much here I can actually USE for charity, because of the fiber content and wild character of the yarns. She did say that I could sell some of it and use the money for charity. I think I will sell some of it on ebay, then use the money to buy good quality charity yarn. That might make better sense.

I will send you some now, though. Just be sure to use it for charity, since that's the reason she gave it to me.

I'd feel bad using it for myself. She did say it was okay for me to use some of it for myself, though. I gave a few skeins to lestrella and lissalue, and one skein of sock yarn to angelia.

It feels SO GOOD using it for this blanket now. Now, I need to get going on some more charity projects.
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