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I have two ideas for charities.

1) A Rape Crisis type orginization. Often times when they go to the hospital with women who have been raped in the last 72 hours they like to bring something to cuddle with as hospitals can be cold (literally and figuratively). Also their clothing is often taken by the police for evidence and until they can have someone bring them clothing they are sitting there shivering.

2) An orginization like CPS (their drug division). I work in law enforcement, and when raids are done on drug houses, there are usually kids there. Often times officers/CPS workers will keep a knitted or crocheted blanket in the car so when the child is taken from the home, they have something cuddley.

I know this blanket will be too big for a child, but if you get some more going at a later date maybe we could get two children's blankets going at a time as they would be faster to knit up.
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