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Turning the Heel
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I have this same problem as Cat Gal... what happens (i believe) is when i get the the end of my short row heel, (this is where i might confuse people, so stick with me here...) using the magic loop method, (splitting half for sole and half for top onto both needles), i pull a stitch from the top part of the sock and wrap it and put it back, on both sides, creating an extra single wrap, which people don't normally create, in an attempt to close holes (instead of picking up and knitting two together which most tend to do i think), this works great when you have worked the last purl row, wrapped, turned and work across to the front of the sock, can pick the wrap up easily and work it as usual, but then when i come to the wrap i made on the purl row... well it is approached from the wrong direction and wrapped in the opposite way. I have tried numerous ways to pick it up, but nothing works, so i figured, i'll go back to the 'old' way of closing holes, by picking up extra stitches and knitting them together.

But if anyone knows how to pick up a wrap from the wrong direction, I would really love to know if this is possible to.

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