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Baby Shawl Blues
I'm giving up on this baby shawl! Its awful.

The Yarn is Patons Fairytale and its worked on size 6 needles and it's horrible.
The yarn shows up every discrepancy with neon light surrounding it, and the lacy bits look like someone has poked it with a big stick.

I've not liked it for a while, but I persevered and persevered and then I noticed that the word severed appears in persevered and thats what I feel like doing to this yarn.

I have 1 week to one baby, 4 weeks to another baby, and a couple of months to the next - so its booties and bibs for now! Bubba number 2 is having the sweater - if i can get it done in time.

Anyone else hating their yarn right now?

"...and with this, Melusine fled into the Moselle and swam away, never to be seen again..."

OTN: Baby shawl from SuperStitch
Baby sweater from Ancient pattern.
Square 2 of the Art of Knitting Throw.

Projects to start sooooon: Strappy Top;

FO: 2 Scarves with pockets and flowers, (Blossom), Booties and many tiny Christmas Trees.
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